Southampton Society of

Model Engineers

Established 1912

Member of Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies

The number of visitors is:

A G M 14 March  --  A G M 14 March  --  A G M 14 March  --  A G M 14 March  --

We have a face book site too!

Do come to the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14th March.

Here’s why!

1. This is your opportunity to to vote for or against your committee members, if you are not happy, sling them out.

2. After the relatively short AGM we will have an informal chat about what you would like from your society in 2017. For example, more formal proceedings, different winter evening entertainment, different programme?

3. We have had some twelve new members this year, an interesting and varied bunch so  come and meet them.

4. We are making magnificent progress on various projects to improve our society and what we can offer. Come and have a chat about them and find out how you might be able to help. All slave labour is welcome.

5 Help us with the programme for the summer, all suggestions, tips and encouragements are welcome. “Rolling stock day” sound interesting??